Blend 17 – Stimulate & Focus


Blend 17 Stimulate & Focus Blend is designed to be generally uplifting and a balancing mixture aimed at promoting and aiding concentration and focus.

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Blend 17 Stimulate & Focus

The aim of this Blend was to minimise the effects of the Monday morning and Friday feelings in the office as well as cutting down on days lost through colds and flu. This Stimulate & Focus Blend has become a firm favourite with many people as a day time fragrance for the home and home office as it is a gently stimulating and effective mix for simply waking you up and keeping you going through the day.

It is designed to be used in a burner or diffuser or roller ball, the simple act of breathing stimulates blood flow to the brain and makes you more alert and aware thereby improving concentration and focus – fewer mistakes and higher productivity and a very positive effect if on a long drive!

Stimulate & Focus Blend is designed to be generally uplifting and a balancing mixture aimed at promoting and aiding concentration and focus.

It is perfect for the home worker or home office gently fragrancing the air with the gentle tones of Sweet Orange and Geranium with a hint of Lavender as the essences of Basil and Peppermint stimulate the mind and focus the thoughts. The essences of Myrtle, Frankincense, Patchouli and Sandalwood with a hint of Roman Chamomile gently deepen the breathing and calm the senses while a hint of Eucalyptus cleanses the air with its gentle anti-viral action.


Very sensitive skins – To test your skin reaction to a blend or oil, simply apply a few drops of what you intend to use onto the gauze of a normal plaster and put the plaster on your fore arm leaving for 24 hours. If there is no reaction or irritation you should have no problems.

When to use:

Use during the day – it should not be used in the evening as it may inhibit sleep.

General properties and effects:

Stimulating, Anti-allergenic, Antiseptic, Antibiotic, Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Decongestant & Soothing

Therapeutic uses:

This blend is designed to be effective as a general and gentle stimulant.

It is effective in dealing with tiredness and lethargy in the home/office environment or in a car if on a long drive and will promote greater efficiency as it stimulates blood flow to the brain thereby aiding concentration and consequently helping to minimize the errors we all make when stressed or fatigued.

It makes a very effective pre-sport lotion.  This blend should not be used as a treatment for any specific complaint.

How to use:

The recommended method is inhalation – 4 or 5 drops of the Blend in a diffuser, burner, air-conditioning unit or humidifier throughout the office or home environment. To make a roller ball use a 10% dilution in sunflower oil (1ml blend to 9ml sunflower oil)

This is handmade using the highest grade ingredients to bring you the best products money can buy at a fraction of the cost you might otherwise pay.

Disclaimer: Please note this information should not be taken as medical advice.  Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy and if you have any concerns about your health please seek advice from your Doctor.

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